Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ben's knee

Ben had to have some minor knee surgery this month. He hurt his knee playing basket ball a couple months ago and he just kept having some pain and his knee would lock up. So we decided we better just have it operated on so he didn't have any future problems. Dr. Sorenson did the surgery, he is a great surgeon! He is also in my parents ward and I used to baby sit his kids. haha. Ben had to stay off his leg for 3 days which was hard for a guy like him who goes to the gym twice a day. One day I came home and caught him sitting in chair lifting weights...crazy guy; hes addicted!
He is doing good now hobbles around a little but it's getting better every day! Since he has been on pain medication he can't drive so he has been driving with me to work, it has been kind of nice to have him ride with me; he comes with me to drop Ari off and pick her up from day care.

 Here is Ben getting prepped for surgery.


These are the pictures from the scope inside his knee. 
This first picture is the piece of cartilage that was stuck in there.

That is the piece of cartilage they took out; that is the thing that kept bothering him.
We have this sitting in a jar in our fridge......Just kidding that would be gross.

Here is Ben all laid up... 

 This is the day he finally got to take his bandages off and take a shower! There is a yes written on there so the doctor wouldn't forget which knee to operate on... haha :-)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lyndseys Baby Shower

My sweet friend Lyndsey is having a baby! They have been waiting a long time for this little one to come. I had the honor; along with my friend Trinity, of throwing Lyndsey's baby shower.  Here is the cute little shower we threw, I had a ton of fun doing all the decorations.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Ari!

We had Ari's 1st Birthday on Jan 21, 2012. Her actual Birthday was on the 23rd, but I wanted to do it on a weekend. I had a ton of fun planning and preparing... well I think you call that fun...I was actually quite stressed about it! I found this website called they have the cutest parties on there, and I've always aspired to have a party just like that for Ari. The party turned out really cute but not as fabulous as a "Karaspartyideas" party... I do not know how these mothers have the $$ or time to throw parties like that, its nuts! Oh well we had a fun time and Ari loved her cake and presents, that is all that matters right?? Here are a few pics from the party, one of my Besties was kind enough to bring her super nice camera and be my photographer, because heaven knows when you are throwing a party for 50 ppl you do not have time to think about take pictures and chase a 1 year old.